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2012 News 

19th December 2012
Neha wins her first rosette at 15 weeks old ! She came 2nd out of 8 puppies under 6 months at the Christmas Rally.
14th November 2012
All girls are DNA tested clear of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (GR_ PRA 1 & 2)
Happy :)
30th August 2012
Jacob and Skye's puppies have arrived
see Puppies page.
31st July 2012

Skye has been confirmed in whelp! 
see Litters page. 

 2nd July 2012
Litters page updated.
9th June 2012
Star's results have arrived ! Hips 4/4 and elbows 0!!!!
15th May 2012
Our Star, Moloko Tootie Frootie With Raiveslake went for her hips and elbows scored today! Her preliminary results are showing that she has a very low hip and elbow score!
 3rd May 2012
Time for a break for the time being from the show ring. We hope to have some exciting news in the Summer!
'Skye '
Monfortmagic Pocahantas at Raiveslake
15/4/12 Colne and Nelson

3rd Post Graduate

Judge Mr G Kirkman (Kirkara)
14/4/12 Harrogate & DCS

2nd Post Graduate

Judge Mr Mike Spencer ( Bannonbrig)


9/4/12 Keighley DCA

3rd Post Graduate

Judge Mrs F. Barker (Flinthill)

7/4/12 Rochdale & DCS

1st Graduate


Group 4

Judge Mr Shaun Williamson (Sharouns)

1/4/12 YGRC (Champ)

Reserve Yearling

Judge Mrs B Keighley (Colbar)

25/3/12 Morcambe and Heysham CA

1st Post Graduate


Judge Mr G Sutherland (Eilandon)
Time for a break - Skye has blown all her coat!!!!!!!!
8/1/12 Heywood & Radcliffe CS

3rd Post Graduate

Judge Mr Ian Briggs (Largymore)
2/1/12 Whitchurch and DCS

2nd Undergraduate

Judge Mrs Ann Corbett (Trimere)









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